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DEI Valet 561R Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry

The Valet 561R was discontiued by the mfgr - it was upgraded to the Avital 4103 (More Information)

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Enjoy the convenience of not having to scrape frost off your windows in the winter!

No more FREEZING while waiting for your vehicle to warm up.

And no more
SIZZLING when hopping into a hot car and waiting for the A/C to work in the summer!

The DEI Valet 561R is a basic DEI Remote Car Starter System and comes with one miniature 3-button remote. Additional remotes, DEI 473T, are available and can be programmed into the DEI 561R. Includes power door lock outputs, power trunk release output, Diesel capable, programmable run time and more.

See list of product features below.

DEI Valet 561R Remote Car Starter

Price $79.95

Discontinued by the mfgr.

Use the Avital 4103


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The DEI Valet 561R Remote Car Starter with Keyless Entry includes the following features:

  • One Mini 3-Button Transmitters (Additional Replacement Remotes are Available)
  • 4 Receiver Channels
  • HF+ Receiver Technology
  • 18 Quintillion codes / Clone-Safe Code Hopping®
  • Range Extender Antenna
  • Rapid Resume Logic™
  • ESP® Icon Remotes
  • ESP® Flex-Channel
  • Parking Light Flash, Built-in (+/-)
  • Power Door Locks, (+/-) outputs
  • Door Lock Pulse Duration 0.8 / 3.5 sec
  • Power Trunk Release, Channel 2 (-) Output
  • Learn Routine
  • Single / Double Unlock Pulse
  • CPU Control Module will accept up to 4 Remotes
  • Ignition Controlled Door locks, On / Off
  • Active / Passive Door Locking
  • Remote Valet®
  • Silent Mode
  • Panic Button (Car Locator), Optional
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill (prevents accidental grinding of the starter), Optional
  • Remote Start *
  • XCR – On-Board Start Relay Satellite
  • One Button Start
  • Parking Light Output, Flashing / Constant
  • Engine Checking, On / Off
  • Tachometer / Voltage Checking
  • Remote Start Run Time, 1 - 60 Minutes
  • High / Low Voltage Check
  • Remote Start Status Output
  • Factory Disarm
  • Dedicated Rear Window Defroster Output
  • Turbo Timer
  • Anti-Grind Protection, Optional
  • Due to continuing product development, specifications subject to change without notice.

    * Remote Car Starter for fuel-injected automatic-transmission vehicles only.

    All DEI Remote Car Starters have the same high quality operation and performance. They vary only in additional features and operating range. For automatic transmission, fuel injection vehicles only. Learn more about How Remote Car Starters Work or read about the installation overview for the DEI 561T, DEI 561R, DEI 562T, DEI 563T or the DEI 554R. Autopreservers also supplies everything you need to install these Remote Car Starters including the Bypass Modules to enable the vehicle to start and run during the remote starting operation without a key in the ignition even if you already have an aftermarket security system.

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