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DEI Replacement Remotes

We supply DEI replacement remotes for all Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI) Brands of Alarms, Remote Starters &Keyless Entry Systems. This includes the Automate, Equalizer, Hornet, Merlin, Pro Guard, Python, Rattler, Sidewinder, Steal Stopper, Wasp, Valet &Viper brands. Here is a sample of the DEI Replacement Remotes we can supply:

In general, the various DEI replacement remotes are not interchangeable because the transmitter codes have been constantly revised and improved over the years. We can help you determine which DEI replacement remote is compatible for your specific DEI Alarm, Remote Starter or Keyless Entry System. Here's how to proceed:

If you already know the DEI Replacement Remote Part Number, simply select it below to view a photo and detailed description of your remote to assure it is the correct replacement.You can then order it directly from that page.

If your remote looks like one in the above photo, then you can select it below and then verify it with the information on the page for that DEI replacement remote. Here are the part numbers in the above photo. Top row, from left to right; DEI 493T, DEI 491T, DEI 492T, DEI 465T, DEI 493C, DEI 471T, DEI 484T. Middle row; DEI 485M, DEI 470T Merlin (above is a U. S. Quarter for size reference. Bottom row; DEI 474T, DEI 477T, DEI 473P, DEI 474P, DEI 478/DEI 479P, DEI 476P, DEI 476T and DEI 473T Venom.

The DEI reference or DEI part number is embossed on the back of the case on many of the "original" and replacement DEI remotes. Reference numbers are the last 4 numbers of the FCC: code. Sometimes this is also the DEI part number. Some part numbers are listed as RPN. Generally you will also find the remotes transmission frequency, 302 MHz or 434 MHz, and the pattern if it is code-hopping: 2/29th, 2/37th, 2/66th, etc. Another help is the LED light on the remote; red or green, when you press the buttons on the remote. Also, of course, if you have a 2-button, 3-button, or 4-button remote. You will find descriptions and a photo for each of the replacement remotes on their individual pages.

If you do not know the DEI part number, but do know the DEI Brand and Model Number, then go to the DEI Replacement Remote Cross Reference Chart to find your part number.For some DEI Models, you may need the Date Code also to determine the correct replacement remote.

If you don't know the DEI Brand and Model Number, then you can Find the CPU and determine the DEI Brand and Model Number and Date Code. Then use this information to look up the correct DEI replacement remote in the Cross reference Chart.

Need more help? Email us the DEI Replacement Remote Help Form and we will assist you in finding the correct replacement remote for your DEI System.

DEI Replacement Remotes are not compatible with other alarm manufacturer's brands, nor are they compatible with OEM factory remotes (such as Ford, GM or Chrysler). If you have one of these, you will need to contact a supplier for that particular brand or your vehicle dealership to obtain replacement remotes

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  2-button, 302 MHz Binary, Non-code-hopping
$29.00 discontinued
  2-button, Merlin, 434 MHz, waterproof, mini-size
$29.00 discontinued
  2-button, 434 MHz, Super-code-hopping, Green LED
$29.00 Add to cart
 "One-Way" Responder Companion Remotes - Not Available
  3-button, 434 MHz, Code-Hopping, Green LED
DEI xxx
  2-button Venom, 434 MHz, with antenna, Red LED
$35.00 discontinued
  4-button, 434 MHz, Code-Hopping, Green LED
4-button, 434 MHz, Code-hopping, Green LED(Black Case)
$35.00 Add to cart
  4-button, 434 MHz, Code-Hopping, Green LED
  Two-Way Remote for Hornet & Valet
$79.00 Add to cart
  Two-Way "Responder" for Python, Viper &Clifford (now 479)
$85.00 Add to cart
  Two-Way "Responder" for Python, Viper &Clifford
  4-button, 302 MHz, 2/29, pre-coded, Non-code-hopping
$35.00 Add to cart
  4-button, 434 MHz, Code-hopping, Red LED
$35.00 Add to cart
  2-button, 434 MHz. Code-hopping DEI Replacment Remote
$29.00 Use the 485M
  2-button, 302 MHZ, Code-hopping DEI Replacement Remote
$29.00 Add to cart
  2-button, 302 MHz, 2/29, pre-coded, Non-code-hopping
$29.00 Add to cart
  2-button, 302 MHz, un-coded, Non-code-hopping
$29.00 Discontinued

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