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DEI Valet 712T Keyless Entry for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV’s

This keyless entry is compatible with most vehicles factory equipped with power door locks.

Auto Preservers provides youwith professional installation and service.

DEI Valet 712T Keyless Entry

The DEI Valet 712T Keyless Entry provides remote control locking and unlocking of your factory power door locks. It also provides “power trunk release” for vehicles equipped with an electronic trunk.

DEI Valet 712T Keyless Entry
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, $99.99

Our Price, 52.95 (in the box)
$161.95 Installed Locally, plus tax
(some vehicles require additional parts)
  • Two 4-button Icon remote controls
  • Built-in door lock relays
  • (-) output to operate a power trunk release
  • Includes starter kill
  • 3 channels

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  • DEI 712T Remotes
  • The two 4-button Icon remotes have a separate lock and unlock buttons so you always know when you are "locking" or "unlocking" your vehicle.
  • The "AUX" button operates "trunk pop" for vehicles equipped with factory power trunk release (usually a "push button" located on or under the dash, on the door, or in the glove box).
  • The yellow (*) button is a panic button and sets off your vehicle's horn for attention.

  • DEI 712T Parts Kit
  • Photo shows the complete parts kit (click to enlarge)
  • Includes a 17 page Owners Guide
  • Includes a detailed 15 page Installation Guide

  • Complete list of features shown below

  • DEI Valet 712T Keyless Entry Features

  • Two 4-button remote transmitters
  • 3 receiver channels
  • HF receiver technology
  • Clone-safe code-hopping
  • 2/66 – 18 quintillion codes
  • Rapid resume logic
  • Icon remotes
  • Parking light flash, (+/-) selectable output
  • Power door locks, on-board 5-wire relays
  • Door lock pulse duration 0.8 / 3.5 seconds, selectable
  • Power trunk, channel 2 (-) output
  • Learn routine
  • Single / double unlock pulse
  • CPU will accept up to 4 different remotes
  • Remote valet mode
  • Silent mode
  • Domelight supervision input / output, on-board relay
  • Panic feature (car locator)
  • Fail safe starter kill
  • Code hopping on / off
  • Ignition controlled Domelight on / off
  • Ignition controlled Door Lock / Unlock (selectable)
  • Status LED light
  • Factory alarm disarm
  • Comfort closure
  • Double pulse lock
  • Second unlock output (-)
  • Lifetime Limited Consumer Warranty (see Install Guide)


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