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DEI Hornet 727T Car Alarm & Keyless Entry System

Alarms for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's, Convertibles

Avital - Hornet - Merlin - Valet Brands (Manufactured by Directed Electronics)
DEI alarm systems are compatible with any type of vehicle; any year, make & model.

Auto Preservers is an Authorized DEI Dealer and we provide you; the best quality alarm systems in the industry, the lowest possible price, vehicle specific wiring information for your vehicle, free technical installation support, a valid manufacturer's warranty and warranty service should you ever need it.

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DEI Hornet 727T OEM Add-On Alarm System (for vehicles with factory keyless entry)

This is an effective, inexpensive way to add a full featured alarm system to your vehicle, while maintaining the present use of your factory keyless entry remotes.  This alarm automatically arms and disarms when you lock and unlock your vehicle exactly like you are presently doing.  Adding this alarm does not change any of your existing keyless entry features.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, $169.99
Our Price, $79.95 (Save $90.00)
  • Adds full alarm protection to your vehicle
  • Uses existing factory keyless entry remotes
  • Remote locking your vehicle arms the alarm
  • Remote unlocking your vehicle disarms the alarm
  • Includes starter kill

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  • The DEI Hornet 727T OEM "Add-On" Car Alarm System does not have any remotes of its own.
  • The alarm is activated (armed and disarmed) when you lock (armed) and unlock (disarmed) your vehicle with your existing factory keyless entry system remotes
  • It is an effective method of adding a full feature alarm system to any vehicle with factory keyless entry. The 727T will accept many of the additional security accessories, such as the DEI 506T Glass Breakage Sensor and the DEI 508D Perimeter Sensor.

  • Photo shows the complete parts kit (click to enlarge)
  • Includes a 20 page Owners Guide
  • Includes a detailed 42 page Installation Guide

  • Complete list of features shown below

  • DEI Hornet 727T Car Alarm System Features

  • Uses OEM factory keyless entry system's remote transmitters
  • >Rapid resume logic
  • Parking light flash, (+/-) selectable output
  • Power door locks (+/-) outputs
  • Door lock pulse duration 0.8/3.5 seconds, selectable
  • Power trunk, channel 2 (-) output
  • Learn routine
  • Single / double unlock pulse
  • Active / passive locking
  • Remote valet mode
  • Silent mode
  • DEI Bitwriter Programmable
  • Domelight supervision output
  • Panic feature (car locator)
  • Fail safe starter kill
  • GPP guaranteed protection plan
  • Ignition controlled Domelight on / off
  • Status LED light
  • Zone identification, 4 zones
  • Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor
  • Revenger six tone soft chirp siren
  • Warn away
  • Long term event history
  • Active / passive arming
  • Chirps on / off
  • Panic with Ignition on / off
  • Forced passive arming on / off
  • Auto engine disable on / off
  • Siren / horn honk output
  • Siren duration in seconds, 1 – 180 seconds
  • Progressive / instant door trigger
  • Valet Switch Pulse Count 1-5
  • Door trigger error chirp on / off
  • Multiplex sensor inputs, 1
  • Operator Settings Lock / Unlock
  • Factory Alarm disarm with Channel 2
  • Lifetime Limited Consumer Warranty (see Install Guide)


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