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Finding the Alarm CPU, DEI Brand &Model and Date Code

To determine the correct DEI Replacement Remote for your DEI Alarm, Remote Start, or Keyless entry system, you may need to find the DEI Brand &Model number and/or the manufactured Date Code on your CPU.

First, of course, check the back of your remote case to see if there is a part number (RPN) or a FCC: code number. You can also check your owner's manual for the DEI Brand and Model number. This information may enable you to determine the correct DEI Replacement Remote easily without searching for the CPU.

The DEI CPU ("the brain") is a black box about 3" x 4" x 1" thick (sizes vary) with a 12 pin white plug from one end like the 2 photos at the left. It is generally installed up under the driver's side dash area, however the actual location depends on just where the installer decided to locate it (there is no set location).

The DEI Brand (Automate, Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Valet, Viper, Wasp, etc.) are embossed on the cover of the CPU as shown in the above photos.

Some basic alarm systems (like the DEI Wasp 718W shown at the left) are self-contained (CPU &siren built into the same unit) and are installed under the hood.The DEI Brand (Wasp) and Model number (718W) are embossed on the unit as shown on the photo to the right.

The date code is a white sticker on the CPU that identifies the month and year the CPU was manufactured by DEI.Some DEI Models were manufactured over a number of years and the specific type of remote transmitter was upgraded with new technology during the life of the Model.In this case, the Date Code may be needed to properly identify the correct replacement remote.Following are examples of what the Date Code looks like and where to find it:

This Date Code is the white sticker showing OK/6A.This CPU was manufactured in 1996, during the month of A - January.

The date code is also embossed in the CPU case. See the "Year" and the "Month" indicators to the right of the white sticker. The small arrow on the emboss points to the specific year and month of manufacture.

Additional examples:

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