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DEI Replacement Remotes with Transmitter Codes

For current model DEI Alarms, Remote starters &Keyless Entry systems, Replacement Remotes are simply "programmed" into your DEI system. The CPU ("the brain") accepts and stores the transmitter code for your new replacement remote in its memory.

However, prior to the development of this technology, all older alarm systems had a "specific" transmitter code "trace cut" into its CPU circuit board and a "matching trace cut" in the remote that came with the alarm. For DEI, these are Alarm &Keyless Entry Systems generally manufactured before 1997.

Replacement Remotes for these older DEI systems must be "trace cut" to specifically match the exact code in your Alarm CPU. This applies to DEI systems that use the DEI 465T and the DEI 493T Replacement Remotes. Both of these remotes are 2-button, red LED remotes.

If you have an original remote for your system, you can find your specific "transmitter code" inside the remote on a white sticker as pictured above. The 3 68773 code translates into the specific trace cuts" that need to be made in the DEI 465T or the DEI 493T Replacement Remote so that it will work your specific system.

The transmitter code for your system is also on the outside and/or inside your DEI System's CPU ("the brain") as shown below.

See Locating the CPU if you do not have an original remote with your transmitter code and need to find it for a DEI 465T or a DEI 493T Replacement Remote.

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