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DEI Avital 5105 Alarm & Remote Starter & Keyless Entry

Alarms for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's, Convertibles

Avital  Brand  ( by DEI - also the makers of Viper - Python - Clifford)

DEI alarm systems are compatible with any type of vehicle; any year, make & model, gas or diesel 

Auto Preservers is an Authorized DEI Dealer and we provide you; the best quality alarm & remote starter systems in the industry, the lowest possible price, vehicle specific wiring information for your vehicle, free technical installation support, a valid manufacturer's warranty and warranty service should you ever need it.

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DEI Avital 5105 " 1-way" LCD Alarm & Remote Starter & Keyless Entry System

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, $349.99

Price $124.95 (in the box)

* Only $289.95 Installed Locally
* for most vehicles.  Call for a quote
* plus a Bypass Module and parts if needed 

  • Full feature Alarm System and Remote Starting.
  • Two  4-button "one way" remotes.
  • Separate Lock, Unlock, AUX buttons.
  • Up to 1,500 feet operating range.
  • New "Virtual Tach" - or use vehicle tach input.
  • D2D port plugs directly into DEI Xpresskit modules.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty
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    Owners Guide      Install Guide

    Install Guide Addendum



  • Comes with two DEI 474L -  4-button  remotes.
  • Has separate Lock, Unlock, AUX  buttons.
  • AUX normally for Trunk Release if vehicle is so equipped.
  • Separate "one button" remote start.

  • 5103parts
  • Photo shows the complete parts kit (click to enlarge)
  • Includes a 38 page Owners Gudie and a 1 page Owners Guide Addendum.
  • Includes a detailed 60 page Installation Guide and a 1 page installation Addendum.

  • Complete list of features shown below

    DEI Avital 5105 Alarm / Remote Start System Features

  • Basic Features:

  • Full featured "One-Way" Alarm & Remote Starter with Keyless Entry.
  • New! Virtual Tach eliminates the need for a tach wire on most vehicles.
  • New! D2D serial data port for Xpresskits simplifies the installation. 
  • Up to 1,500 feet of range
  • Two 4-button "1-Way" remote controls with separate lock & unlock buttons.
  • 5 Channels including 3 Auxiliary Channels. 
  • Designed for use with fuel-injected automatic transmission vehicles. 
  • Can be used on manual transmission vehicles with a DEI 689M Neutral Safety Module. 
  • Lock/Unlock and Remote Start your vehicle with the same remote
  • .
  • List of Detailed Features:
  • New! Virtual Tach eliminates the need for a tach wire on most vehicles.
  • New! D2D serial data port for Xpresskits simplifies the installation
  • New! Bitwriter programmable for easier configuration
  • Superhet receiver (HX Plus) for great range, up to 1,500 feet.
  • Code Hopping.
  • Two 4-button "1-Way" Remotes.
  • Remotes have dedicated AUX outputs, Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, and Remote Start.
  • Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt (Starter-Kill).
  • Zone 2 Impact Sensor.
  • Warn-Away.
  • Nuisance Prevention.
  • Power Door Locks.
  • Second Unlock Output for driver's door priority unlock.
  • Selectable Door Lock Pulse Time.
  • Selectable Door Lock pulses (1 or 2 pulses).
  • Selectable Door UnLock pulses (1 or 2 pulses).
  • Interior Illumination.
  • Protected Valet Mode.
  • Remote Valet.
  • Horn Output
  • Parking Light Flash, Selectable (+/-) Outputs.    
  • Parking Light output: Flashing or Constant.
  • XCR Extreme Capacity Relays Built-in.
  • Dedicated (*) One-button Start.
  • Defroster Activation Output.
  • Door Lock / Unlock Output
  • Panic Mode feature to attract attention or locate your vehicle.
  • Silent Mode.
  • Passive Arming.
  • Multi-level security.
  • Five (5) alarm trigger zones.
  • Valet Take-Over to keep engine running when you remove the key.
  • Short-Run Turbo.
  • Selectable 12, 24 or 60 minute Run Time when remote starting your vehicle.
  • Also has a Timer Mode to aautomatically start every 3 hours until canceled.
  • The "timer Mode" Run Time can be set for 3, 6, 9 or 12 minutes.
  • Built-in Wait-To-Start feature for Diesel Engines.
  • Rapid Resume Logic, the CPU remembers it's settings.
  • CPU will accept up to 4 different remotes (comes with 2 remotes).
  • Built-in Shutdown Diagnostics for easy trouble shooting.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty.


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