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DEI Avital 4105 Remote Starter

Remote Starters for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's - Gasoline or Diesel Engines

DEI Remote Starters are compatible with any type of vehicle
Any Year, any Make, any Model

Most newer vehicles require an Immobilizer Bypass / Interface to enable remote starting.

Auto Preservers  provides you with: the best quality and reliable remote starter systems in the industry, the lowest possible prices,, free technical installation support. 

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DEI Avital 4105 Remote Starter & Keyless Entry System

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, $209.99 

Price $79.95 (in the box)

* Only $208.95 Installed Locally
* for most vehicles.  Call for a quote
* plus a Bypass Module and parts if needed 

  • Four-button remote start system
  • Two 4-button remotes with (o) one button remote start
  • Onboard Xtreme Capacity Relays
  • Keyless entry with dedicated lock and unlock buttons
  • Virtual Tach RPM sensing or tach wire input
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty
  • D2D port for optional Xpresskit D2D interface modules
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  • Comes with two "4-button" remote controls
  • Similar to most factory keyless remotes
  • Separate ICON door lock button
  • Separate ICON door unlock button
  • Trunk release button for power trunks
  • Up to 1,500 foot range
  • The Green "glows in the dark"

  • Includes a 52 page Install Guide
  • Includes a 26 page Owners Guide

  • "Complete list of features shown below"

  • DEI Avital 4105 "4-Button" Remote Starter - Features

    Basic Features: 

  • Remote Starter with Keyless Entry.
  • New!  Virtual Tach eliminates the need for a tach wire on most vehicles. 
  • New!  D2D Serial Port for Xpresskits simplifies the installation.
  • Comes with two "4-button" remotes with separate Lock & Unlock buttons.
  • Designed for use with fuel-injected automatic transmission vehicles.
  • Can be used on manual transmission vehicles with the DEI 689M Neutral Safety Module.
  • Remote Start your vehicle and "unlock" it with the same remote.
  • Detailed Features:

  • New!  Virtual Tach eliminates the need for a tach wire on most vehicles.  
  • New! D2D Serial Port for Xpresskits simplifies the installation.
  • New! Bitwriter programmable for easier configuration.
  • Superhet receiver (HX) for great range.
  • Two  "4-button" remotes with dedicated AUX outputs; Lock, Unlock, Trunk release and Remote Start.
  • Onboard Xtreme Capacity Relays.
  • Virtual Tach RPM sensing or tach wire input.
  • Output for optional horn honk connection. 
  • Output for optional Starter Kill / Anti-Grind relay.
  • Dedicated (*) One-Button Start.
  • Parking Light Flash, with (+/-) selectable output.
  • Defroster Activation Output.
  • Door Lock / Unlock Outputs, (+/-) selectable.
  • Panic Mode Feature to attract attention or locate your vehicle.
  • Valet Take-Over to keep engine running when you remove the key.
  • Selectable Run Time; 12, 24 or 60 minutes.
  • Timer Mode to automatically start every 3 hours until canceled.
  • Selectable Timer Mode Run Time; 3, 6, 9 or 12 minutes.
  • Built-in Wait-To-Start feature for Diesel Engines.
  • Rapid Resume Logic, the CPU remembers it's settings.
  • CPU will accept uo to 4 different remotes (comes with 2 remotes).
  • Built-in Shutdown Diagnostics for easy trouble shooting.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty.

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