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DEI Avital 4003 "Add-on" Remote Starter Module

Enjoy the convenience of not having to scrape frost off your windows in the winter!

No more FREEZING while waiting for your vehicle to warm up.

And no more SIZZLING when hopping into a hot car and waiting for the A/C to work in the summer!


dei 4003rem

If you have factory keyless entry or an aftermarket security system on your vehicle, you can add this DEI Remote Car Starter Module to your vehicle and remote start your vehicle with your existing remotes.

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See list of product features below.

DEI Avital 4003 Remote Car Starter

Price $79.95 (in the box)

* Only $208.95 Installed Locally
* for most vehicles.  Call for a quote
* plus a Bypass Module and parts if needed 

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 Do you want to use your present factory keyless entry system remotes to start your vehicle?

Then then the Avital 4003 "Add-on" Remote Start Module is a possible choice.  (Another choice is the Avital 4113 Remote Starter.)

The DEI Avital 4003 Remote Starter Module has all of the same "Remote Start Operating Technology" as  the other models in the Avital product line, as well as the other DEI Brands of remote starters (Viper, Python, Clifford, Etc.)   The major difference is that the Avital 4003 is designed to be "activated" by using your factory keyless entry remotes rather than being activated by it's own remotes.  The Avital 4003 does not have it's own remotes.

Here's how it works.  It is  "connected" to your vehicle's power door locks such that it is activated with your factory keyless entry remote's lock button.  Pressing your remote's lock button "once" locks your doors, pressing it a "2nd time" acctivates the Avital 4003 Remote Starter.  If your factory keyless entry remote now "confirms" your doors are locked when you press it a 2nd time (with a horn honk and/or flashing your parking lights), you can re-program the Avital 4003 so that it "activates" when you press your factory remote's lock button a "3rd time" (instead of the 2nd time).

Your factory keyless entry remotes will then work like this: Pressing your unlock button "once" unlocks the drivers door, pressing the unlock button a "2nd time" unlocks all doors (if your vehicle is so equipped).  Pressing the unlock button "once" locks all your doors, pressing the lock button a "2nd time" activates the Avital 4003 Remote Starter (or pressing it a 3rd time if you re-program it as such).

The biggest factor to consider when using your factory keyless entry system remotes to active a remote starter is the "effective operating range of your remotes".  We suggest that you actually test your remote's operating range.  Walk away from your vehicle and see how far you can get before they quit locking and unlocking your doors.  This is the same range that you will be able to remote start your vehicle because you will be using these same remotes to activate the remote starter.  If this range is sufficient for your use, then consider the Avital 4003 Add-on Remote Start Module for your vehicle.  If this range is not acceptable, then choose a different DEI Avital Model Remote Starter with ranges "up to 1,500 feet" away from your vehicle.

Another factor to consider with factory keyless entry systems is that on some vehicles  the factory keyless entry system "becomes disabled" when the ignition is turned on.  With these vehicles, whether you start your vehicle with your key, or with any remote starter, there will be power to your vehicle's ignition wires.  This will disable the keyless entry system.  It means that you will be able to use your factory remotes to "activate" the remote starter, but then the factory keyless entry system will automatically be disabled.  You will not be able to "shut down the remote starter" ( turn the vehicle off) or unlock your doors, because the remotes are disabled.

You can test your vehicle as follows:  Lock and unlock your doors with your remote to verify that it is working.  Then put the key in the ignition, turn it on and start your vehic.  Now see if your remotes still operate.  Can you still lock and unlock your doors?   If they still work, then this factor is not an issue with your vehicle.  If they do not work, then be aware that your factory remotes will not  unlock your doors when the vehicle is running with the remote starter, and you will have to unlock your door with the key.  If this is a factor, and you prefer to retain the regular use of your factory remotes , consider the Avital 4113 remote starter.

DEI Avital 4003 Add-On Remote Start Module includes the following features:

  • There are No Remote Transmitters with this module. 
  • The Module is activated using your factory remotes.
  • Virtual Tach  (or tach wire input from vehicle).
  • D2D Port (Data To Data). Direct connect to Xpresskit Interface Modules
  • XCR Onboard Relays.
  • Parking Light Flash (+/-) output.
  • Activation Pulses: programmable for 1, 2 or 3 pulses.
  • Factory Alarm Disarm.
  • Programmable Run Time; 12, 24 or 60 minutes.
  • Bitwriter Programmable.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty.
  • See Owners Guide for Warranty.

    Due to continuing product development, specifications subject to change without notice.

    * Remote Car Starter designed for fuel-injected automatic-transmission vehicles only,

    or for a manual transmission vehicle using a DEI 689M Neutral Safety Switch Module.

    All DEI Remote Car Starters have the same high quality operation and performance.  They vary only in additional features and operating range.  They are designed for automatic transmission, fuel injection vehicles only. However, they can now also be installed on fuel injected "Manual Transmission" vehicle with a DEI 689M Neutral Safety Switch module.   Learn more about How Remote Car Starters Work or read about the installation overview.  Autopreservers also supplies everything you need to install these Remote Car Starters including the Bypass Modules to enable the vehicle to start and run during the remote starting operation without a key in the ignition even if you already have an aftermarket security system.

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