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DEI 8618 Starter Kill Relay

The DEI 8618 FailSafe Starter Kill Relay is a heavy-duty 40A relay plugged into a three-wire socket. Uses ignition switch side of starter wire to power relay which disconnects power to the starter when the alarm is set and power is attempted fron the ignition switch or steering column, such as on a GM vehicle when the column is "stripped".

The DEI 8618 Relay also can be used to provide an "Anti-Grind" feature on DEI Remote Starters that do not already have a built in starter kill relay, such as the Valet 561T, Valet 561R, Avital 4003, Avital 4113 and the Avital 4103 remote starters. 

The 8618 relay is "activated" when the vehicle is remote started and continues to be activated only when the engine is running on the remote starter.  Therefore, when you put the key in the ignition to turn it on (before pressing the brake to shut off the remote starter) the 8618 relay "prevents you from grinding the starter" if you turn the key to far (to the start position) which is easy to do because that's how we are used to putting the key in the ignition and starting the vehicle.

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