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DEI 555C Bypass Module

Discontinued by the manufacturer - see for current options

Most new and late model vehicles have factory anti-theft systems to prevent a vehicle being started without the specific owner's key in the ignition. These factory anti-theft systems provide a valuable service to the vehicle owner helping to prevent a thief from hot-wiring and starting your vehicle. Unfortunately these systems also prevent a remote starter from starting your vehicle, unless you left the key in the ignition, which could easily result in vehicle theft.

Directed Electronics, Inc (DEI), the world leader in remote start technology and factory interface systems, has developed a complete line of 555–series modules that interface with the factory anti-theft systems only during the remote start operation. Therefore the DEI 555-series Bypass Modules do not compromise your factory anti-theft system, preserving its integrity, and leaving it fully functional at all other times. DEI Bypass Modules give you the best of both worlds, maintaining the protection of your factory anti-theft system, while enabling you to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a DEI Valet Remote start system.

Of course, you need to use the correct DEI Bypass Module for your specific vehicle. See the DEI Bypass Reference Chart for the correct DEI 555 Series Bypass Module for your vehicle.

The DEI 555C is for most new Chrysler product vehicles with a gray ignition key, including the 2001 – 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The DEI 555C provides an easy way for interfacing a remote starter with the vehicle's OEM (factory) transponder-based anti-theft system, while maintaining the integrity of the factory system. The factory system uses a very small electronic chip hidden in the top of the key to send a code to the vehicle's transceiver whenever the ignition is energized.

Normally, for this to happen, the key must be placed in the ignition and turned to the run position.This energizes a coil surrounding the key, which in turn energizes the chip which sends a signal to the vehicle.If the vehicle does not detect the code being sent, the vehicle will start and then immediately shut off and the anti-theft light will flash.

The DEI 555C will provide a valid code to the vehicle whenever it is remote started, enabling the vehicle to start and continue to run, but will have no effect on the factory anti-theft system during normal operation of the vehicle.The factory transponder-based anti-theft system remains fully functional when the remote starter is not in use.

DEI 555C Bypass Module - Discontinued - see




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