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DEI 528T Pulse Timer Relay

DEI 528T Pulse Timer Relay


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The DEI 528T Pulse Timer Relay is an adjustable timer-controlled 30-amp SPDT relay (Single Pole Double Throw).

The timer is
adjustable from 0 – 90 seconds.

You can activate the DEI 528T with
either a (+) trigger input or with a (-) trigger input. The DEI 528T will provide a temporary circuit "connect or disconnect" and can be used in many applications.

The DEI 528T can provide
either a (+) or a (-) temporary output.

The DEI 528T can
temporarily disconnect either a (+) or a (-) circuit

As you can see, the DEI 528T Pulse timer Relay provides complete flexibility whenever you need to temporarily either connect or disconnect any circuit (+ or -) with either a (+ or -) trigger input.

Here are just a
few examples of the dozens of possible uses for the DEI 528T:

To perform the "wait-to-start" function for remote starting a diesel vehicle without attaching directly to the "wait-to-start" glow plug wire in the vehicle. (See below for connection diagram.)

Turn your parking lights (or headlights) on for up to 90 seconds when you arm/lock your vehicle to light the way to your house for visibility or safety.

Turn your parking lights (or headlights) on for up to 90 seconds with an auxiliary channel (such as channel 2 or channel 3) whenever you desire to light the way to or from your vehicle without having to arm or disarm it, to illuminate your yard or driveway for security reasons, find your car in a parking lot, etc.

Keep your radio on for up to 90 seconds when you turn your ignition key off.

528T Pulse Timer

This special accessory is an adjustable timer with a build-in 30A relay. The “pulse” timer can be triggered by a + or – pulse or a change of state (from + to – or vice-versa) on the stripe wire

This product has many popular uses by installers of mobile electronics, some examples: What do you do with a multi-channel remote when the customer has one car and no trunk release? Add a Pulse timer as follows:

If you need to disconnect a circuit for a certain amount of time, so that the alarm does not activate, you can use the pulse-timer’s normally closed circuit, pulse the strip wire to disconnect the circuit for up to 90 seconds.

Wait to start with timer How to perform wait to start on diesel vehicles without attaching to the wait to start indicator wire

Some diesel vehicles have sensitive wires that make interfacing with the WAIT TO START indicator difficult. The 528T Pulse Timer Relay is a simple bypass for any diesel vehicles in which access to the WAIT TO START wire is difficult.


Adjust the 528T Pulse Timer Relay to stay active for approximately 5 to 10 seconds longer than the WAIT TO START indicator stays on.

IMPORTANT! This wiring information is being provided free of charge on as “as is” basis, without any representation or warranty. It is the dealer’s responsibility to verify any circuit before interfacing with it using a digital multi-meter. Directed Electronic Inc and Autopreservers assumes no responsibility with regards to the accuracy or currency of this information. Proper installation in every case remains the responsibility of the installer.

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