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DEI 519H2 Three-Channel Receiver/Garage Door Receiver

The DEI 519H Three-Channel Receiver can be used as a Garage Door Opener Receiver so that you can open and close your electronic garage door with DEI Remotes. It works with any existing garage door opener You can even use your present DEI, Clifford or Avital Alarm / Remote Starter / Keyless Entry Remotes.

The DEI 519H has been discontinued by the manufacturer

The new DEI 519H2 is now available

DEI 519H2 Product Description and Install Guide


DEI 519H2 Garage Door Interface Module

Price $69.95 (No Remotes)

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Product Description and Install Guide


The DEI 519H Three-Channel Receiver is a 3-channel, 434 MHz multi-purpose receiver with an extended range antenna. It is supplied with two DEI 471T, 2-button, Green LED Remotes.

It is also compatible with all DEI 434 MHz, Green LED, 2/66 code-hopping, 470T, 471T, 475 series, 476 series, 473 series and 474 series remotes. It is also compatible with Clifford G4 remotes (3-button Cello, 4-button OEM and the Radar Master). It is also compatible with Avital 2-button #820021, 3-button #820031 and 4-button #820041 remotes

The DEI 519H Three-Channel Receiver does not work with DEI Red LED remotes.

The DEI 519H can be installed inside your vehicle to provide 3 additional channels of output to activate various optional alarm accessories, such as the DEI 530T window roll-up / roll-down.

Its most common use is to add it to your present garage door opener to increase its operating range, have additional remotes and be able to open and close your garage door with your present DEI, Clifford or Avital remotes.

(a) The DEI 519H Three-Channel Receiver will work with any garage door opener that has a wall switch or button to open and close your garage doors. It is easily attached to these same button wires. In effect, it is a 'remote button pusher'.

It has 3 channel outputs,
so it can operate one, two, or even three garage doors. Button I will open and close the 1st garage door. Button II will open and close the 2nd garage door. Pressing buttons I &II simultaneously will open and close a 3rd garage door. On board relays enable connecting directly to the 1st garage door. DEI 8616 Mini-Relays are needed to connect a 2nd or 3rd garage door.

The 519H has a 120 Volt AC power adapter to supply 12 Volts DC to the receiver. It plugs into any 120 Volt outlet. Mount the receiver Control Module near the outlet. Connect wires from the Control Module harnesses to the wires that go from your garage door opener to your wall buttons. That's it, your done.

The receiver control module can store up to 12 different DEI rolling code remote transmitters as listed above. So you can add your present remotes to the two remotes that come with the unit.

If you are planning to use your existing DEI, Clifford or Avital Remotes to operate this garage door receiver, for your convenience, we offer the DEI 519H Three-Channel Receiver with only one 471T remote for $59.95. We suggest that you will need at least one remote that is already programmed to the receiver for installation purposes and to verify that the unit works properly.

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