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DEI 515R Siren with Internal Backup Battery

The DEI 515R Siren adds important protection against a thief that attempts to "cut your siren wires" to silence your alarm.  Here's why ..........

  • Experienced thieves can break into your vehicle, then open the hood, and cut the siren wires to silence your alarm.  They run off, or hide, for awhile, then return to finish the theft in silence.
  • On many vehicles, a thief can reach up and cut the battery cable from under the vehicle, thus disabling the entire alarm system, then break in, undetected in silence.
  • The DEI 515R Siren sets itself off when it looses vehicle power, surprising the thief.
  • On many vehicles a thief can "open the hood", cut the siren wires, essentially disabling your alarm, and then break into your vehicle in silence.
  • Cutting the wires to the DEI 515R Siren does not silence it.  The 515R continues to scream until you shut it off with a key.  It prevents a thief from "disabling" your alarm system.
  • The DEI 515R can be added to any alarm system that has a separate siren.  (It does not work with alarm systems with self contained sirens.)

The DEI 515R 6-Tone Revenger 128 dB Siren has a rechargable battery for back-up. Acts as a 2nd siren. Provides protection against a thief cutting the wires to your siren(s) or disconnecting your battery. Stays fully charges from your vehicle’s electrical system. Requires shut-down by the siren keys if a thief cuts the wires.

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