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DEI 493C Replacement Remote

2-button, Pre-coded, Trinary, 3-channel, Red LED, 302 MHz, 2/29 codes, (500 Million Codes), Non-Code-Hopping replacement remote.

The DEI 493C replacement remote is the identical Trinary technology as the DEI 493T replacement remote but it is pre-coded at the factory with so each 493C remote has a different unique "code".

The DEI 493C is used with Trinary 302 MHz DEI Systems where the CPU ("the brain") has the capability to "learn and store" the code from a pre-coded replacement remote. This CPU technology replaced the older CPU technology which required a replacement remote to be "trace cut" to specifically match the "trace cuts" that were manufactured into the older CPU's.

The DEI 493C replacement remote cannot be used for the DEI systems that require the DEI 493T replacement remote, as there are no traces to be cut and these DEI systems do not have the capability to learn a different code than the one that was manufactured into the CPU. You must use the correct remote that matches your DEI system.

The DEI 493C replacement remote is also the correct replacement for the DEI 492T remote which is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Note there are no traces to be cut in the right hand photo, as there are in the photo for the DEI 493T replacement remote.

Some of the DEI systems that use the DEI 493C replacement remote are various models and manufacturing dates for the DEI Automate, Hornet, Pro Guard, Python, Sidewinder, Valet &Viper. See how to find the Date Code.

The DEI 493C (2-button) replacement remote can also be used instead of the DEI 484T (4-button) replacement remote if you are not using buttons III or IV for your system.

DEI 493C

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