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DEI 475T Replacement Remote

Note: The DEI 475T replacement remote has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the DEI 476T replacement remote. You can use the DEI 476T replacement remote (or any other 476 Series replacement remote) for all DEI Brand systems that originally used the DEI 475T remotes. 4-button, Pre-coded HF 434 MHz, 15-channel, Green LED, 2/66 Code-Hopping (18 Quintillion rolling codes), replacement remote.

The DEI 476T is used with HF 434 MHz DEI Systems where the CPU ("the brain") has the capability to "learn and store" the code from a pre-coded replacement remote. The DEI 476T is pre-coded at the factory with so each 476T remote has a different unique "code" and is then "programmed" into your system's CPU. This DEI 4-button replacement remote has a Green LED for easy identification as compared to the older Red LED 4-button replacement remotes. Also the FCC # embossed on the back of the case "generally" ends with a 475 or a 476, and may show the part number RPN 476T, which can also assist you in determining if this is the correct replacement remote for your DEI system.

The DEI 476T (shown above), the 476P (with a Python case) and the 476V (with a Viper case) are all compatible and interchangeable.Any of these DEI 476 Replacement Remotes can be used with the DEI Hornet, Python, Sidewinder and Viper Green LED, HF 434 MHz, 2/66 Code-hopping systems.

The 4-button DEI 476 series (476P, 476V, 476T) replacement remotes are also compatible with the 2-button, 3 channel, DEI 471T replacement remote.Either replacement remote can be used on Green LED, HF 434 MHz, 2/66 Code-hopping DEI Systems.

The DEI 474T (with a Valet case), the 474P (with a Python case) and the 474V (with a Viper case) are also compatible with DEI Systems that originally came with a DEI 475T Remote. Any of these DEI 474 Replacement Remotes can be used with the DEI Hornet, Python, Sidewinder, Valet and Viper, Green LED, HF 434 MHz, 2/66 Code-hopping systems.

The DEI 470T Merlin Replacement Remote is also compatible with the DEI 471T 2-button Green LED HF 434 MHz, 2/66 Code-Hopping DEI systems. The DEI 470T is a waterproof sealed remote about the size of a U.S. quarter. It is a convenient additional remote. See DEI 470T page for additional information.

Programming instructions are supplied with your order.

DEI 470T

DEI 476T

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