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DEI 451M Micro Door Lock Relay Module (with Resistor Pack)

The DEI 451M Door Lock Relay Module is a great time saver for interfacing any aftermarket alarm / remote starter / keyless entry system with factory "5-wire" door lock systems and "one-wire" door lock systems. The DEI 451M can also interface aftermarket door lock motors (actuators), such as the DEI 524N Deluxe 2-wire Door Motors, that are added to vehicles without factory power door locks, and to vehicles with factory power door locks that are not factory equipped with actuators in the driver's door.

The DEI 451M plugs directly into the CPU on most DEI alarm / remote start / keyless entry systems. The white plug with the blue, red & green wires replaces the white plug with the blue & green wires that comes standard with all current and recent DEI systems.

The DEI 451M can also be used with any other aftermarket brand system that have door lock outputs with "momentary negative pulses". In this case, you would just cut-off the white plug and connect the blue & green wires to the aftermarket system CPU's (-) door lock/unlock outputs, and connect the red wire to 12 volts.

The DEI 451M is essentially two 5-wire relays built into one micro-relay module. It saves the time and mess of wiring two separate 5-wire relays together for factory "5-wire" door lock systems and wiring separate relays for factory "one-wire" resistor systems.

The DEI 451M comes with a Directed Resistor Interface Pack that includes the 27 most common resistors used in current and recent model vehicles using both "one-wire" and "resistor type" door lock systems.

DEI has also developed the DEI 456L Universal Door Lock Resistance Learning Module that is a fast and easy way to interface both DEI and other aftermarket systems to vehicles with "one-wire" resistor type factory door lock systems.

DEI 451M Micro Door Lock Relay Module




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