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DEI Replacement Remotes Assistance

We supply replacement remotes for all Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI) Brands of Alarms, Remote Starters &Keyless Entry Systems. This includes the Automate, Equalizer, Hornet, Merlin, Pro Guard, Python, Rattler, Sidewinder, Steal Stopper, Wasp, Valet &Viper brands.

DEI Replacement Remotes are not compatible with other alarm manufacturer's brands, nor are they compatible with OEM factory remotes (such as Ford, GM or Chrysler). If you have one of these, you will need to contact a supplier for that particular alarm brand or see your vehicle dealership to obtain replacement remotes.

In general, the various replacement remotes are not interchangeable and you must select the correct one for your specific DEI Alarm, Remote Starter or Keyless Entry System.We have designed our site to make it easier for you find (or verify) the correct replacement remote for your DEI system and to place your order directly.

Please review DEI Replacement Remotes and Finding the DEI Brand & Model (if necessary) and DEI Remotes with Transmitter Codes (if necessary) to select and order your replacement remote.

If you need further assistance, just provide us what information you can, and we will help you determine the correct DEI replacement remote:

1.My remote has: 1 Button    2 Buttons    3 Buttons    4 Buttons

2. My remote looks mostly like (select one):     



4. On the back of my remote case, the FCC# ends with these 7 letters/numbers:   
5. The back of my remote case shows:   302 MHZ    434 MHZ     Neither
6. The back of my remote case shows:     2 29      2 29 rolling codes     2 66 rolling code
7. Tell us any additional information on the back of the case:   
8. My DEI Brand is:     
9. My DEI Brand Model Number is:     
10. My DEI System is a:     
11. My DEI System is at least:         Years old or:     I dont know

Name       Required
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Phone Number     

We will reply with the correct DEI Replacement Remote for your System and/or any additional information that is needed.

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