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Car Alarm and Remote Starter Accessories

All the car alarm accessories you need. From add-on sensors to backup battery sirens, everything for that extra level of security can be found here. Mix and match to make the perfect custom system, and with our prices you'll still have money left over. See for yourself. .


Micro Door
Lock Relay
Door Lock
Pulse Generator
Shock Sensor
DEI 451M
DEI 452T
DEI 504D
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Audio Sensor
(Glass Breakage)
Dual-Zone Field
Disturbance Sensor
   DEI 506T
DEI 508D
DEI 513T
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Neo Siren
6-Tone Siren
Backup Battery Siren
DEI 514N
DEI 514T
DEI 515R
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The“VOICE” Module
Garage Door Opener Receiver
12 Volt Power Supply
(Backup Battery)
DEI 516U
DEI 519H2

(no remotes)
DEI 520T
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Trunk Release Solenoid
Deluxe Five-Wire
Door Lock Motor
Deluxe Two-Wire
Door Lock Motor
DEI 522T
DEI 524F
DEI 524N
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Pulse Timer
with SPDT Relay
LED Scanning
Module (Blue)
Power Window Module
DEI 528T
No picture
DEI 629L
DEI 529T
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Window Automation
System - Up & Down
Night Lite System
Digital Time/Temp
Remote Start Controller     no longer available
DEI 530T
DEI 545T
DEI 556T
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Scanning LED Module
(with 3 modes)
Pager Strip Antenna
(for pagers) - NLA
Multi channel 4-Watt
Pager System - NLA
DEI 629T
DEI 793T
DEI 795W
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Magnetic Separation
Switch (small)
Magnetic Separation
HD Waterproof
Ball Bearing Tilt Switch
DEI 8600
DEI 8601
DEI 8613
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Pre-Wired Mini 10/20
Amp Relay
40 Amp Relay
(5-wire H. Duty)
Failsafe Starter
Kill Relay
DEI 8616
DEI 8617
DEI 8618
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Momentary Valet / Programming Button
Heavy Duty Adjustable
Deluxe Pin Switch
  Active Latching Switch
 DEI 8631

 DEI 611T


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